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A mirror is possibly one of the most important home accessories you will include in your room. Not only are they an incredibly functional asset they are also an interior design accessory that will help elevate your living space. A mirror can be used in just about any living space and with so many different designs to choose from you really are spoilt for choice. The uses of a mirror are endless as they also have the added benefit of being able to reflect the light around your room helping to illuminate your space whilst also looking fabulous on your wall. When choosing a mirror you have the ability to select one that will demonstrate your own creative style and one that will blend seamlessly into your current home design. Our extensive range offers a huge variety of styles, finishes, shapes and sizes allowing you to choose your perfect mirror that will harmonise with your current interior or one that will make a wow statement on your wall. Whether it's free standing, dressing table or a wall mirror, a mirror can have a huge impact on a room. Coming in a great  variety of shapes, sizes and colours the mirrors listed within this category are just a taste of what sell. For more options visit our other store exclusiveMIRRORS that is dedicated to selling just mirrors.

Stylish Mirrors

Our collections of beautifully crafted mirrors have been carefully selected due to their unique designs and styles. Our glass framed mirrors offer sleek modern designs with all over glass frames fantastic for customers looking to create a minimal home décor. An art deco mirror offers a classic design with sleek stylish lines. Many of our art deco mirrors take a modern twist on the classic style bringing it right up to date making it the perfect mirror for today’s stylish homes. Modern mirrors take on striking designs combined with modern materials. Our modern mirrors range includes shattered and jigsaw styles both of which will create an eye catching design on your wall. Our modern mirrors are great for customers looking to create a striking focal point. Full length and free standing mirrors are both practical and stylish offering beautiful full length reflection. A large mirror is great for bedrooms and dressing rooms whilst free standing mirrors have the added benefit of being easily manoeuvred around your home. We have some stylish designs and more lavish finishes great for adding a touch of luxury to any desired boudoir.

Luxury and Affordable Mirrors

All of our mirrors will add a decorative elegant flair to you walls.  Our furniture is offered at the best possible price without compromising on quality or style allowing you to select the perfect piece for your home. Each one of our mirrors has been crafted with exceptional attention to detail; this is demonstrated in the high quality finish. All of our furniture is very hard wearing lasting you for many years. We invite you to browse our full range of mirrors.