Tub Chairs


Tub Chairs

Tub chairs are a modern take on the classic armchair. These super stylish chairs have become increasingly popular in recent years for their unique design combining comfort with style. Tub chairs are a standard shape that can have a retro appeal. Sat on tall legs, they have a rounded back that seamlessly extends to the arms. With a built in or separate seat cushion, tub chairs are much more comfortable than you may think. They are available in a hug variety of colours, materials and finishes and work well as accent chairs or as part of a multiple set in a reception area or lounge. After a long day a tub chair is the perfect place to sit and relax as their rounded backs fully encase you offering a luxurious design that is exceptionally comfortable. Our ranges of tub chairs offer high quality designs that are suited to any current interior either traditional or contemporary. We have a range of materials and colours allowing you to select the perfect piece to blend effortlessly into your home. Can’t find the tub chair you’re looking for? Please call our experienced customer services team who will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect piece for your home.

Stylish Tub Chairs

Our collections of beautiful crafted tub chairs have been picked for their charming designs and high quality finishes. For a more modern setting our leather finished tub chairs will provide a stylish twist whilst also offering an elegant design. For customers after making a statement our cow print tub chair offers a leather and fabric combination to create a cow print effect ideal for creating a high impact in any hallway or living room. We also have tub chairs that offer modern sleek legs creating a retro style ideal for contemporary minimal living spaces. For a tub chair that will harmonise with your current setting one of our fabric chairs will be ideal, offered in a range of neutral colours from cream to grey these beautiful chairs can add structure and elegance to any space. When it comes to materials we have a wide range available from the traditional fabric to the more glamorous velvet. Our beautifully upholstered velvet tub chairs offer exceptionally high levels of comfort as well as adding a hint of opulence to your room.

Luxury and Affordable Tub Chairs

All of our tub chairs offer a unique rounded back offering both style and comfort. Our furniture is offered at the best possible price without compromising on quality or style allowing you to select the perfect piece for your home. Each one of our chairs has been crafted with exceptional attention to detail; this is demonstrated in the high quality finish. All of our furniture is very hard wearing lasting you for many years. We invite you to browse our full range of tub chairs.


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